RTA in Garni village

23:29 / 13.02.2014

13.02.2014 at 22.09 an emergency call was received that the RTA occurred in the Garni village , region Kotayq. There is gas leak, the help of rescuers is needed.
A firefighting brigade was sent to the place of scene.
It turned out that the cars «VAZ 2107» with license plate 33 ՕՕ 670 and truck «KamAZ» with license plate 29 UL 078 have collided.
The passengers of car «VAZ 2107» A.R. (born in 1981), S.R. (born in 1957) and J.S. (born in 1985) were hospitalized to MC «St. Grigor Lusavorich».
Doctors assessed the health situations of casualties as average weight.
Firefighter-rescuers stopped the gas leak.

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