RTA in Baghramian-Sheni highway

13:44 / 29.05.2014

29.05.2014 at 14.39 emergency call RTA occurred in Baghramian-Sheni highway.
There are victims. 
Help of rescuers is needed.
Fire brigade left for the scene. 
In undiscovered circumstances in 3km of Baghramian-Sheni interstate highway collided auto cars “Moskvich” with license plate 11 LS 818 and “Opel Vectra” with license plate 29 UO 985 the driver A.M.
Till firefighter-rescuers received at the scene the victims with various body injuries were hospitalized to medical center of Armavir. 
Doctors assessed the health situation of victims as satisfactory. 
Firefighter-rescuers switched off the electricity and closed gas valve of the car. 

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