A car accident on Ashtarak-Echmiadzin highway

22:50 / 30.05.2014

31.05.2014 at 23.50 an information was received that a car accident occurred on Ashtarak-Echmiadzin highway, the help of rescuers is needed.
Firefighting brigade arrived to the scene.
A car accident occurred near to “Dvin” restaurant. The car “Mersedes” with local numbers 20 VV 777 collided to the car “Opel” with local numbers 23 ԼՍ 563 and appeared to the nearest field.
Before the arrival of fire fighters the driver and the passengers were taken to the medical center of Vagharshapat, where one of the passengers dead.
According to the doctors the health state of injured is heavy,and the others’ satisfactory.

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