RTA on Vanadzor-Dilijan highway

06:56 / 07.09.2014

07.09.2014 at 07.40 the emergency call was received that RTA occurred on Vanadzor-Dilijan highway.

There are victims, help of rescuers is needed.

Fire brigade left for the scene.

In undiscovered circumstances on 15 km of “M-8” interstate highway on Vanadzor-Dilijan part auto “BMW” with license plate 80 TA 707 came out from the traffic part of the road and fell into the canyon.

As a result of RTA firefighter-rescuers brought victims R.A. born in 1988 and passenger S.Kh. born in 1988 with various body injuries to ambulance autocar.

Doctors assessed health situation of victims as middle critical.

Firefighter-rescuers switched off the electricity and close gas valve of auto.

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