RTA occurred in Lusagyugh village

16:51 / 18.09.2014

18.09.2014 at 17.44 the emergency call was received that RTA occurred in Lusagyugh village, Armavir province.

There are victims, help of rescuers is needed.

Fire brigade left for the scene.

In undiscovered circumstances collided autos “Opel” with license plate 34 NT 267 (the driver A.A.) and “Opel” with license plate 08 LT 013 (the driver G.S.).

As a result of RTA the passenger of auto “Opel” with license plate 08 LT 013 M.K born in 1947 with various body injuries was hospitalized to medical center of Ejmiatsin city.

Doctors assessed health situation of victim as satisfactory.

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