RTA on the crossroad Mayisi 9-Njdeh

01:19 / 22.09.2014

22.09.2014 at 01.57 an information was received that a car accident occurred on the crossroad Mayisi 9-Njdeh. There are victims: the help of rescuers is needed.
A firefighting brigade was send to the place of scene.
It is cleared up that cars «BMW» with l/n 31 UU 777, «Mitsubishi» with l/n 34 PF 996 and «Deyvu» with l/n 00 LO 134 have collided with each other.
Fire-rescuers bring the driver of «Deyvu» P.V. (born in 1987) from the car: he was hospitalized to MC «Erebuni».
Doctors assessed the health of casualty as satisfactory.
Fire-rescuers deprived the cars «BMW» and «Deyvu» and stopped the gas-leak.

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