RTA on highway Alaverdi- Akhtala

16:54 / 29.09.2014

29.09.2014 at 17.05 an information was received that a car accident occurred on the M-6 interstate highway, next to «Sarnaghbyur» restaurant: there are victims and the help of rescuers is needed.
A firefighting brigade was send to the place of scene.
It is cleared up that cars «GAZ-3110» with l/n 19 OS 385 and «ZIL» with l/n 512 LL 36 have collided with each other on 17th km of highway Alaverdi- Akhtala.
Casualties A.A. (born in 1979) and H.P. (born in 1987) were hospitalized to MC of Alavrdi.
Fire-rescuers deprived the cars and stopped the gas-leak.

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