RTA on highway Yerevan-Gyumry

13:04 / 29.09.2014

29.09.2014 at 13.26 an information was received that a car accident occurred on crossway of Gyumry city and Horom village: there are victims and the help of rescuers is needed.
A firefighting brigade was send to the place of scene.
It is cleared up that cars «Ural» with l/n 0363 UO and «Opel» with l/n QGQ 489 have collided with each other on 105th km of highway Yerevan-Gyumry.
The driver of car «Opel Vectra» A.E. (born in 1987) and passengers P.A. (born in 1987), R.H. (born in 1986) have been hospitalized to MC of Gyumry city. Doctors assessed the health situation of R.H. as heavy and of P.A. ad A. E. as average weight.
Fire-rescuers deprived the car and cleared the scene.

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