Ammunition was discovered

15:19 / 29.11.2014

29.11.2014 at 15.05 the information has been received that the ammunition was discovered in canal (inside of the sack) of the nearest lot of address 7 on Ani-Berd Street, Yerevan city.

Help of rescuers is needed.

Operative group of crisis management center and rescue group (with sappers) left for the scene.

It turned out that “Hard Stone” LTD. Near the concrete processing production antitank grenades were discovered (with its 12 explosives). Grenades like RGD-5, 5 grenades and P-1 2 grenades, 9 explosives (out of 5 were UZPGM, out of 4 were MUV), 3 unknown types of grenades and 7 explosives.

Firefighter-rescuers gave the ammunitions to QI workers of Erebouni.

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