Car accident in Vilnius street

23:10 / 30.11.2014

On November 30 at 23.04 an emergency call was received that near the building N 4 of Vilnius street a car accident occurred, help of rescuers is needed.
One firefighting brigade, operative group of CMC and the rescue team on activities of special importance were sent to the scene.
It turned out that "Opel" car with local numbers 34 NT 127 (driver S. Kh, born in 1979) and "Vaz-2107" with local numbers 33 VU 115 (driver A.I., born in 1978) collided.
Firefighter-rescuers took the driver and passsenger of "Vaz-2107" out of the car.
The casualties were hospitalized to "St. Gr. Lusavorich" medical center, where the driver and passenger of "Vaz-2107" died. The driver of "Opel" car is currently in resuscitation department.

Firefighter-rescuers turned off the electricity of cars and closed the gas valves.

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