RTA on the road Alagyaz-Artik

14:51 / 03.01.2015

03.01.2014 at 14.09 an emergency call was received that the RTA occurred on7th km of road Alagyaz-Artik: there is a victim and the help of rescuers is needed.
The fire-fighting brigade left for the scene.

It’s cleared up that the car «GAZel» with l/n 32 TO 049 collided with the car «VAZ-2107» with l/n 34 SP 877: as a result of the accident the driver and the passengers L.M. (born in 1976) and T.Gh. (born in 1978) of the «VAZ-2107» were hospitalized to MC of Aparan city, afterwards T. Gh. hospitalized to RMC Armenia, and N. (born in 2011), A. (born in 2003) and A.S. (born in 1966) were hospitalized to MC of Tsaghkahovit.
A.S. died in hospital, and N. and A.S-s moved to Aparan MC.

Firefighter-rescuers deprived to cars and stopped the gas leak.

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