RTA in Vanadzor city

00:00 / 05.03.2015

05.03.2015 at 10.16 the emergency call has been received that RTA occurred near the military unit in Yerevan causeway of Vanadzor city, Lori province.
Colided “ZIL-130” and “Volkswagen”, there are victims, help of rescuers is needed.
Fire brigade left for the scene.
In undiscovered circumstances collided “Volkswagen” (driver S.M.) with license plate 35 OV 958 and “ZIL” (driver A.P.) with license plate 60 UO 532.
Till firefighter-rescuers received at the scene S.M. born in 1994 was hospitalized to medical center of Vanadzor city, where the victim died.
Firefighter-rescuers switched off the electricity of “Volkswagen”.

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