RTA on crossroads of Atoyan and Rostovian Streets

09:56 / 02.06.2015

02.06.2015 at 05.11 the emergence call has been received, that RTA (with flame of fire) occurred on crossroads of Atoyan and Rostovian Streets.
There is blocked victim, help of rescuers is needed.
Special group of implementing rescue works and fire brigade left at the scene.
In undiscovered circumstances collided “Ford Transit” with license plate 23 US 344 (driver H.S.) and “Reno” with license plate L 3121 belongs to taxi service “Caravan of Hope”.
As a result of RTA “Reno” crashed into the wall.
Till firefighter-rescuers received at the scene the passenger S. app. 32 years old “Reno” was hospitalized to “Erebouni” medical center.
Rescuers brought out from the blocked state the driver and the passenger (A. app. 33years old) of “Reno” belongs to taxi service “Caravan of Hope”, who were hospitalized to “Erebouni” medical center.
Medical workers of “Erebouni” medical center informed that from the passengers S. died, but the driver and other passenger’s A’s health condition doctors assessed as extremely critical.

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