RTA near Sartovka village

06:50 / 06.06.2015

 06.06.2015 at 09.06 firefighter-rescuers divided car, brought out the corpses and transfer to morgue workers.


06.06.2015 at 00.39 the information has been received, that the car was in fire on Tashir-Stepanavan highway, near Sartovka village.
Two fire brigades left at the scene.
In undiscovered circumstances on 8 km destination of Tashir-Saratovka highway “Volkswagen Touareg” (without license plate) came out from the traffic lot of the road, crashed to stones and flamed.
As a result of RTA died V.M. born in 1994, V.A. born in 1991, G.Kh. born in 1993, A.T. born in 1993, G.P. born in 1991, K.Kh. born in 1993 and A.B. born in 1993.
The fire was isolated at 01.20 and extinguished at 01.33.
Fire brigade left at the scene again.
Firefighter-rescuers with help of crane transfer the car to the auto evacuator.
The car (with 5 victims) was transferred to medical center territory of Stepanavan city to divide the car and to bring the corpses out of the car.

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