RTA on Masis-Yerevan highway

07:35 / 30.03.2016

30.03.2016 at 07.28 information has been received, that RTA occurred on Masis-Yerevan highway near the bridge: the car fell from the bridge: help of rescuers is needed.

A fire brigade left for the scene.

It turned out, that in undiscovered circumstances on 14 km of Yerevan-Meghri destination on M-2 highway "Mercedes C200" with license plate 29 LO 033 came out from the traffic part of the road and turned aside. 

Till firefighter-rescuers received for the scene the driver D. G. born in 1988 was hospitalized to "Erebouni" medical center by local forces.

Doctors assessed health condition of the casualty as critical.

Rescuers switched off the electricity and close the gas valve of the car.



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