RTA on crossroads of Davit Bek and Nubarashen Streets

23:58 / 05.04.2016

05.04.2016 at 21.46 an emergency call has been received, that RTA occurred on crossroads of Davit Bek and Nubarashen Streets: there are casualties, help of rescuers is needed.

The operative group of crisis management center, a fire brigade and special group of implementing rescue works left for the scene.

It turned out, that collided "Nissan Tiida" with license plate 34 VT 472 (the driver Sh. A. born in 1990) and "VAZ 21-013" with license plate 33 LT 614 (the driver R. G. born in 1958), the driver of "VAZ 21-013" died on the spot, but R. A. was hospitalized to "Erebouni" medical center.

Till firefighter-rescuers received for the scene the passengers of "VAZ 21-013"  H. D. born in 1962 and E. G. born in 1951 with various injuries were hospitalized to "Erebouni" medical center.

Rescuers brought out from the car the corpse of R. G., closed gas valves and turned off the batteries of the cars.  


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