RTA on Vanadzor-Alaverdi highway

16:59 / 08.08.2016

On August 8, at 13.32 information was received that a car accident had occurred near Pambak village on Vanadzor-Alaverdi highway: there was a casualty and the rescuers’ help was needed.

A fire brigade left for the scene.

It turned out that on the 15th km of Vanadzor-Alaverdi highway “ZIL” with license plate 38 OL 298 had rolled over onto its side. As a result the roadway became hardly passable.

Before the ambulance reached the scene the rescuers rendered first aid to the driver. The latter had been hospitalized to the medical center of Vanadzor town. According to doctors the casualty was in fair condition.

The rescuers disconnected the automotive battery, closed the gas valve and turned the lorry back onto its wheels with the help of local forces: the roadway became passable.

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