Fire broke out at the backyard of electrical substation

14:31 / 08.08.2016

On August 8, at 13.45 an emergency call was received that fire had broken out at the backyard of electrical substation N101 near the 3rd building of Aragats district, Ejmiatsin town, Armavir province.

A fire brigade left for the scene.

Fire was localized at 14.02 and extinguished at 14.07. Grass area of 50 m2, blackberry bushes, an ornamental tree and electrical cable (30 linear meters) burnt down.

Firefighters noticed a citizen (А.М., born in 1960) lying on the roof of the electrical substation. According to preliminary data he had been electrocuted.

Firefighters took the citizen to the ambulance car. On the way to hospital the citizen died.

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