RTA on Sotk-Karvachar Highway

21:15 / 23.03.2017

On March 23, at 18:45 information was received that a car accident had occurred in a place called “Haryuri Dzor” on Sotk-Karvachar highway, there were casualties. The rescuers’ help was needed.

The operative group of the fire and rescue squad left for the scene.

It turned out that on the 38th km of Sotk-Karcachar highway “Ural” and “Volkwagen Golf” with license plate 35 RA 335 had collided. As a result of the accident the latter fell into a canyon and “Ural” turned over onto its side.

Before the rescuers reached the scene the drivers and 3 passengers of the cars had been hospitalized to the medical center of Vardenis town. According to doctors one of the casualties was in serious and the others were in stable condition.

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