RTA on Spitak-Aparan Highway

01:36 / 22.06.2017

On June 21, at 21:36 an emergency call was received that a car accident had occurred near a restaurant on Spitak-Yerevan highway, there was a casualty. The rescuers’ help was needed.

A fire brigade left for the scene.

It turned out that on the 18th km of Spitak-Yerevan highway “DAF” truck with license plate TXG 700 (driver - Shalva Ukleba born in 1950, citizen of the Republic of Georgia) had run off the roadway and overturned onto its side: the driver got stuck inside.

The rescuers took the driver out of the truck and removed to ambulance car. The casualty was hospitalized to the medical center of Spitak town. According to doctors the casualty was in satisfactory condition.

The rescuers disconnected the automotive battery of the truck.

The duty officer of the Department of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia was informed about the accident.

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