RTA at the crossroads of Heratsi and Sharimanyan streets

09:13 / 10.01.2019

On January 9, at 21:42 information was received to “911” service that a car accident had occurred at the crossroads of Heratsi and Sharimanyan streets, Yerevan: there was a citizen blocked inside a car. The rescuers’ help was needed.

A fire brigade from the fire and rescue squad and the rescue squad of the Center for carrying out activities of special importance of the rescue service of MES of RA.

It turned out that a “Honda fit” had crashed into parked “Mercedes C” and “Nissan Primera” cars. As a result of the accident a passenger of “Honda Fit” was blocked inside the car.

The rescuers took the passenger A. G. (born in 1989) out of “Honda Fit” car. The casualty with injuries of varying severity was hospitalized to “Heratsi” hospital complex N1. According to doctors the casualty was in fair condition.

The rescuers disconnected the automotive battery and closed gas valve of “Honda Fit” car.

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