Collapse in Sarnakunk village: there were no casualties

22:21 / 15.05.2019

On May 15, at 17:22 information was received to “911” service that two unexploited barns had collapsed in Sarnakunk village, Syunik Province: the rescuers’ help was needed.

The operative group of the fire and rescue squad of the rescue service of MES of RA dispatched to the scene.

It turned out that one barn (160 m2) had completely collapsed (owner V. G.). The roof (66 m2) and side wall (5 m2) of the other barn were damaged: cracks appeared on the walls.

The information was transferred to the Heads of the Departments on Urban Planning and Local Self-Governing and Republican Executive Bodies of the municipality.

The rescuers blocked off the scene.

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