A large-scale fire was broken out in the section from Lehvaz-Vardanidzor roadway to “Arevik National Park”

15:15 / 15.08.2019

On August 11, at 16:03 an emergency call was received to ''911'' service that a fire had broken out in the forest near Lehvaz-Vardanidzor roadway of Syunik province.

A fire unit from the Fire and Rescue Squad of the Rescue Service of MES of the RA dispatched to the scene. Staff assemblage of Meghry FRS was announced.

As a result of the observation of the scene it turned out that a vegetated area and fir-trees were burning on the right side of Lehvaz-Vardanidzor roadway. The site was strictly cut off and difficult to pass: there was a risk of the spreading of fire.

Two fire units from FRS, the Operative group (15 firefighters) of the Regional Rescue Department, 2 fire units (10 rescuers) from the Center of Carrying Out Activities of Special Importance, the Emergency Response Group (4 rescuers) of the National Crisis Management Center and the communication car (3 rescuers) of the Operative Management Department of the Rescue Service of MES of RA were involved in firefighting process.

At 21:00 the risks connected with the arisen situation, characteristics of the elimination of the consequences and response were discussed at the special session of the Operative Working Group held at the Minister of MES at 21:00.

On August 12, at 08:10 an operative headquarters was established. 30 more firefighters from the Fire and Rescue Squads were involved in firefighting activities.

As a result of observation it turned out that the fire had spread in about 10-12 ha of vegetated area, grass cover, juniper and firs were burnt.

The fire was isolated at 09:46.

67 rescuers (4 fire units), communication car of the Operative Management Department, 30 soldiers from Meghry military unit of the Ministry of Defense, 45 workers from the Police of Meghry, 25 workers from Syunik branch of ''Hayantar'' SNCO, 15 workers from ''Zangezur Biosphere Complex'' SNCO, 15 workers from ''Arevik'' National Park and one unit of equipment from Meghry RCM took part in firefighting activities.

Patrolling is being implemented at the scene.

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