Fire in an apartment: there was a casualty

16:18 / 11.09.2019

On September11, at 13:39 an emergency call was received to “911” service that smoke was noticed from one of the apartments of the 2nd floor of the dormitory building at 4 Davtashen District of Yerevan, there was a gas leak. According to preliminary data there was a casualty (a child) inside the apartment.

Two fire units from the Fire and Rescue Squad of Yerevan Rescue Department and the junior instructor on psychological consultation of the Rescue Service of MES dispatched to the scene.

Before the rescuers arrived at the scene Margarita M. (born in 1996) had gone to the neighboring apartment through the balcony.

The fire was isolated at 13:52 and extinguished at 14:13. A refrigerator and a wardrobe were burnt.

The junior instructor on psychological consultation rendered Maga M. and Marina M. psychological support.

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