RTA in Artik town: there was a victim

19:42 / 02.11.2019

On November 2, at 15:08 information was received to “911” service that a car accident had occurred near one of the military units of Artik town of Shirak Province: two cars had collided, there was a citizen blocked inside one of them. Rescuers’ help was needed.

Three fire units from the Fire and Rescue Squad of the Regional Rescue Department of the Rescue Service of MES dispatched to the scene.

It turned out that “KamAZ” (driver Hamlet Sh. born in 1979) and “VAZ-2107” (driver Avag P. born in 1964) cars had collided in front of one of the houses of Gharibjanyan street. Avag P. died on the spot.

The rescuers blocked off the scene, disconnected the automotive batteries, closed the gas valve of “VAZ-2107” car, took the corpse out of the car and carried to the ambulance.

The rescuers implemented cleaning up actions of the roadway.

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