RTA in Kasyan street: there were no casualties

22:35 / 07.11.2019

On November 7, at 17:23 an emergency call was received to “911” service that a strong noise was heard near the building 2 of Kasyan street of Yerevan, a car accident was supposed to have occurred: rescuers’ help was needed.

A fire unit from the Fire and Rescue Squad of Yerevan Rescue Department of the Rescue Service of MES dispatched to the scene.

It turned out that “Nissan” (driver Narek S.), “Opel” (driver Ashot A.), “Volkswagen” (driver Nver H.), “VAZ-2112” (driver Gevorg Ch.) cars had collided. There were no casualties.

The rescuers disconnected the automotive battery and closed the gas valve of “Nissan” car.

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