The rescuers brought the citizen's corpse down the roof and moved to ambulance car

08:32 / 30.11.2019

On November 29, at 17:18 information was received to “911” service that there was an unconscious citizen on the roof of a house in the area of the summer houses of Dzoraghbyur village, Kotayk Province. It was supposed that the citizen had been electrocuted.

The rescue squad of the Center for Carrying out Activities of Special Importance of the Rescue Forces Department of the Rescue Service of MES dispatched to the scene.

It turned out that Simyon A. (born in 1958) had been electrocuted and died on the roof of a building material shop at 15/1.

The rescuers brought the corpse of Simyon A. down the roof and moved to ambulance car.

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