Rescuers carried 19 cars out of blockage

22:23 / 02.12.2019

On December 2, at 17:30 information was received to “911” service that “Suzuki” car had run off the roadway because of the black ice on Mastara-Lanjik roadway and blocked in the snow.

A fire unit from the Fire and Rescue Squad of the Regional Rescue Department of the Rescue Service of MES dispatched to the scene.

At about 18:00 again information was received to “911” service that because of deterioration in the weather a necessity was arisen to close Mastara-Lanjik roadway temporarily: there were blocked cars (about 20).

The rescuers carried “Suzuki” car (driver Atom K. and 2 passengers) out of blockage.

On the way back the rescuers carried another 18 cars (42 passengers, 5 of which were taken to the Fire and Rescue squad of Talin) out of blockage near Mastara village.

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