The fire broken out in "Sayin" field near Berd town was extinguished

15:14 / 31.01.2020

On January 31, at 07:30 20 rescuers dispatched to the scene.

The fire was isolated at 12։45 and extinguished at 13։50.

About 10 ha of grass cover, brushwood, tree branches and 10 stumps were burnt.

5 workers from the branch of “Artsvaberd forestry” of “Hayantar” SNCO took part in firefighting activities.

It should be recalled that on January 30, at 21:36 information was received to “911” service that a fire had broken out in "Sayin" field near Berd town, Tavush Province: various parts of the field were burnt.

At 22:27 information was received that it was impossible to carry out firefighting activities because of darkness and complicated relief. There was no risk of fire spreading. The workers of "Artsvaberd forestry” branch of "Hayantar” SNCO implemented patrolling.

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