Human Resources Department of the Rescue service summarized the year: selection, allocation and training of employees are the main tasks

12:57 / 31.01.2020

On January 31 the consultation on summarizing the results of activities in 2019 of Human Resources Department of the Rescue Service was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA. The consultation was led by Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s Major-General, Director of the Service.

Director of the Service expressed gratitude to all department staff for serious and hard job done.

Hakob Khachatryan, r/s Lieutenant Colonel, Head of Human Resources Department made a report summarizing the result of the activities of the department in 2019.

In the reporting period the 245 citizens were accepted to Rescue service, 53 of them were alumni of Crisis Management State Academy, 56 employees were accepted to the technical staff.

644 rescuers were granted higher ranks, 54 – were fined, 3407 rescuers were encouraged during the year.

Activities on the preparation of new staff list was implemented at the aimed of expected changes of organizational structure in the Rescue Service of MES.

Director of the Rescue Service covered the future plans and the vision of the department at the end of his report. V. Gabrielyan said that the main tasks of the Department were selection, allocation and training of employees, and each of employees of HR Department should be aware of the tasks facing the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Rescue Service and its subdivisions. The department was responsible for the tasks of organizing, regulating and supervising the Ministry staff trainings. The department should lead the training activities in the Regional and Structural Departments and control.

V. Gabrielyan added that classified approach to all employees should be implemented and good employees should be encouraged.

''The most qualified, professionals should work in the HR department'',- summarized the Director of the Service.

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