Car crashed into the electric pole

09:15 / 07.07.2020

On July 6, at 21:46 information was received to Crisis management national center that a car had been on fire near the casinos in Zovuni village.

One fire unit from the Fire and Rescue Squad and the Special Fire Squad each of Yerevan Rescue Department of the Rescue Service of the MES of RA dispatched to the scene.

It turned out that “Mercedes-Benz” car (driver Hunan A. born in 1988) crashed into the electric pole and ran off the roadway, the electric pole broke and fell blocking the roadway near “Goodwin” casino in Zovuni village: there were no casualties.

The rescuers disconnected the automotive battery and closed the gas valve of the car and alongside with the citizens brought the electric pole out of the roadway

As a result of the inspection no signs of fire were found.

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