Fire broken out on Artsakh avenue is extinguished: the Minister of the MES was at the scene

09:00 / 01.08.2020

On July 31, at 16:46 an emergency call was received to Crisis management national center that fire had broken out in the shop of electronics near 42 Artshakh avenue of Yerevan city.

By “1-BIS” degree of the complexity four fire units from the Fire and Rescue Squads of Yerevan Rescue Department, the operative groups of the Management Division for Firefighting and Rescue Activities and of the Medical Assistance Department of the Rescue Service of the MES of RA dispatched to the scene, then one fire unit as well left to the scene.

According to the primary information, electronic technology was burning in about 150 square meters of the hired area inside the storage (about 1000 square meters).

The firefighters implemented activities of bringing the technology out of the area.

The fire was localized at 17:42 and extinguished at 19:20.

It turned out that the fire was broken out in the hired storage (about 150 square meters) in the building owned by “Mega Techniks” CJSC.

The firefighters prevented the spread of the fire into the adjoining storages.

The minister Feliks Tsolakyan was at the scene. 

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