Poisoning in Tavush province

19:57 / 05.01.2021

On January 5, at 23:18 information was received from the medical center of Noyemberyan town to Tavush regional crisis management center that the residents of Ayrum town had been transferred to a medical center with symptoms of poisoning (from water) from December 31, 2020 to January 4, 2021: Gohar M. (born in 2010) and Mariam M. (born in 1983), the residents of Koghb village Nare B. (born in 2012), Mariam B. (born in 2017) and Mariam J. (born 2008), the residents of Voskevan village Nare N. (born in 2006 ․) and Alex N. (born in 2008), the residents of Baghanis village Sirush A. (born in 1941), Hovhannes B. (born 2015), the residents of Koti village David S. (born in 1978), Tsovik M. (born in 1955), Tsovinar M. (born in 2008), Anita M. (born in 2006), Suren M. (born in 2011) and the resident of Berdavan village Angelina K. (born in 2019).

Mariam B., Nare N., Mariam J., Sirush A., Hovhannes B., David S. and Alex N. received necessary medical aid and were discharged, the doctors assessed the health condition of others as satisfactory. 

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