The corpse was found 09:18 / 15.04.2014

15.04.2014 at 10.17 information was received that the corpse was found near the graveyard in the pit. The help of rescuers is needed. The group of rescuers and operative group of crisis management center left for the scene. Rescuers brought out the corpse of A.N. born in 1957 from inoperative canal near graveyard. {igallery id=2724|cid=752|pid=1|type=category|children=0|showmenu=0|tags=|limit=0}

RTA on Yeghvard highway 17:39 / 13.04.2014

13.04.2014, at 18.17 information was received that a car had run off roadway and rolled over on Yeghvard highway. There is a victim. The rescuers’ help is needed. A fire brigade left for the scene. It turned out that “Opel” with the license plate 34 AU 399 had run of roadway and rolled over. Before firefighters arrived at the scene the driver had taken out of the car. There were no victims.  

RTA in Isakov Avenue 23:50 / 12.04.2014

13.04.2014 at 00.48 the signal was received that auto car “VAZ-2103” crashed to electrical pillar near the Police Academy of RA in address 29 of Isakov Avenue. There is a victim. The help of rescuers is needed. Fire brigade left for the scene. It turned out that the auto car “VAZ-2106” with license plate 14 SU 556 came out from the traffic part of the road and crashed to electrical pillar. In result of RTA the driver K.G. born in 1984 with receiving various body injuries was...

RTA in Eghvard-Ashtarak highway 20:08 / 11.04.2014

11.04.2014 at 21.06 the signal was received that RTA occurred near the bridge of Eghvard city in Eghvard-Ashtarak highway. Gas outflow is available. There are victims. The help of rescuers is needed. Fire brigade left for the scene. In undiscovered circumstances in 7km of “H-6” interstate highway of Eghvard-Ashtarak part, crashed auto cars “Opel” with license plate 34 NT 318 the driver A.S. 1961 and “VAZ-2108” with license plate 20 TL 280. Till firefighter-rescuers received...

RTA on the Yerevan-Gyumri highway 03:17 / 11.04.2014

11.04.2014 at 04.06 an emergency call was received that the RTA occurred next to Mastara village, Region Aragatsotn. There is a victim and the help of rescuers is needed. A firefighting brigade was sent to the place of scene. It’s cleared up that the car «Opel» with l/n Լ6549 run out from the road and fell into nearby canyon next to 83rd km of highway Yerevan-Gyumri. There are no casualties. Fire-rescuers deprived the car.

Citizen has been brought out from the Hrazdan Gorge 09:09 / 10.04.2014

10.04.2014, at 09.52 an emergency call has been received that there is a man stabbed by knife next to St. Sargis church, in Hrazdan Gorge. The help of rescuers is needed. The operative group from CMC has been send to the place of scene. Fire-rescuers with the help of staffs from ambulance and police brought out the citizen from the gorge. He was hospitalized to N1 university-clinical hospital after Heratsi. Doctors assessed the health situation of casualty as heavy.