Corpse was found in apartament 21:46 / 26.12.2014

26.12.2014 at 21.40 an emergency call was received that the resident doesn’t react to the door knocks nor the phone calls of one of the apartments of 15/16 building of Davit Malyan street, Yerevan. The help of rescuers is needed to open the door. A firefighting brigade was sent to the place of scene. Firefighter-rescuers opened the apartment’s door and found the corpse of G.M. (borned in 1949).

RTA on crossway Shiraz-Mazmanyan 14:05 / 26.12.2014

26.12.2014 at 13.55 an emergency call was received that the RTA occurred on crossway Shiraz-Mazmanyan: the help of rescuers is needed. A special rescue group and an operative group from CMC were sent to the place of scene. It’s cleared up that the car «Suzuki» with l/n 11 ՕՍ 794 collided with car «UAZ» with l/n 018 ՈՍ 06: there are victims. Firefighter-rescuers bring the driver (A.B. born in 1983) and passenger (E.Q. ) of «UAZ» from the car. They were hospitalized to RMC «Armenia»....

Wooden constructions were burnt 07:21 / 26.12.2014

26.12.2014, at 07.15 information was received that a roof was burning on the 4 th street of  Norapat village, Armavir Province. Three fire brigades left for the scene. The fire was isolated at 07.50 and extinguished at 08.26. The wooden constructions of the roof were burnt (170 square meters).  

Car accident on Yerevan-Echmiadzin highway 02:08 / 25.12.2014

On December 25, at 02.08 , an information was received that on Yerevan-Etchmiadzin highway near the village of Musa, a car accident occurred. The help of rescuers is needed. Firefighting brigade was sent to the scene. It was found that on M-5 highway of Yerevan-Etchmiadzin the car "Mercedes" with numbers 34 DZ 281 left the road and hit the opposite wall. While the firefighters reached the scene 3 people were taken out of the car by local forces, 2 of them died on the place and the...

RTA occurred on Davit Bek STreet 00:55 / 24.12.2014

24.12.2014 at 00.44 the information has been received that RTA occurred near “Baqos” restaurant on Davit Bek Street, Yerevan city. There are victims, help of rescuers is needed. Fire brigade and special group of implementing rescue works left for the scene. In undiscovered circumstances “Mitsubishi” with license plate 34 AS 620 (driver G.N.) and “Mercedes” with license plate 19 SD 009 collided. As a result of RTA M.A. born in 1978, G.N. born in 1985 and G.N. were hospitalized to...

RTA in Glinka street 08:48 / 22.12.2014

22.12.2014, at 08.43 an emergency call was received that a car accident had occurred at the end part of Glinka street, Yerevan. There was a victim and the rescuers’ help was needed. A fire brigade left for the scene. Yet undisclosed circumstances “Mersedes E 500” with license plate 34 VA 677 had collided with “Mersedes A 160” with license plate 34 AT 032. As a result of the RTA the driver of car “Mersedes A 160” (H.M., born in 1984), and the passenger A.M. (born in 1986) were hospitalized...