RTA in Garni village 16:08 / 04.10.2014

04.10.2014 at 17.02 the emergency call was received that RTA occurred in Garni village, Kotayk region. There are victims, help of rescuers is needed. Fire brigade left for the scene and the special group of implementing rescue works. In undiscovered circumstances collided autos “ZIL 130” with license plate 30 OL 018 the driver P.A. and “Mitsubishi” with license plate 74 VV 371 the driver A.A., then the auto “Mitsubishi” collided to the barrier. Firefighter-rescuers...

RTA in Saralanj street 03:27 / 03.10.2014

03.10.2014 at 04.12 an information was received that a car accident occurred at the beginning of Saralanj street, in Yerevan. The car run out from the road and hunged over canyon: the help of rescuers is needed. A firefighting brigade and rescue group were send to the place of scene. It is cleared up the car «Toyota Corola» with l/n 04OU700 run out from the road, collided with gas tube and was partly hunged from the canyon. Passengers A.H. (born in 1991) and N.P. (born in 1990) were...

Car accident on Lambada bridge 00:11 / 02.10.2014

02.10.2014 at 00.55 an emergency call was received that on Lambada bridge of Yerevan a car accident occurred, there is a gas leak and help of rescuers is needed. One firefighting brigade was sent to the scene. It turned out that “Mercedes” cars with local numbers 11 LL 333 and 34 OA 443 collided. The casualty on spot got the necessary aid from ambulance workers. Firefighter-rescuers turned the electricity of the car and stopped the gas leak.  

A citizen drowned in Yerevan lake 12:30 / 01.10.2014

01.10.2014 at 13.09 an emergency call was received that in nearly 5 m distance from the Yerevan lake (by the side of gas-filling station on Isakov street)there an immobile body of a man is seen. Group on special acitivities and operative squad of CMC were sent to the scene. Rscuers removed the body of the citizen (born in 1975) from the water.

Poisoning 15:24 / 30.09.2014

30.09.2014 at 16.15 in local time the information was received that with poisoning omen was hospitalized to “Muratsan” medical center the resident of 1 house in Noragavit Street G.S. born in 1998. Doctors assessed health situation of victim as middle critical.  

RTA on Aparan-Artashat roadway 12:29 / 30.09.2014

On Aparan-Artashavan roadway a road traffic accident had occurred, the rescuers’ help’s needed...