RTA on Meghry-Lehvaz highway 02:47 / 29.08.2014

29.08.2014 at 03.24 an emergency call was received that RTA occurred next to the cheese factory of Meghry city, Syuniq region. A firefighting brigade was sent to the place of scene. It’s cleared up that the car «VAZ 2199» with l/n 03 QV 575 run out from the road and toppled on the highway Meghry-Lastiver. The driver of the car A.S. (born in 1994) died on the spot, and the passenger A.A. (born in 1992) died during hospitalization.

Corpse was found 10:46 / 28.08.2014

27.08.2014 at 20.10 an emergency call was received that G.G. had fallen into the canal of Mayisyan village. The help of rescuers was needed. On August 28 at 11.40 the water rescuers found G.G.’s corpse (born in 2007), near Shirak village.  

The corpse was found 18:18 / 25.08.2014

On August 25 at 19.07 the emergency call was received that the resident of 25 building didn’t react to phone calls and door knocks Erebuni Street, Yerevan city. Help of rescuers is needed. Fire brigade left for the scene. Firefighter-rescuers opened the door and in dining room under the table found the corpse of M.A. born in 1974, but on the sofa was in consciousness situation E.A. born in 1967 who was hospitalized to Erebuni medical center. Doctors assessed the health...

Corpse was found in apartment 12:11 / 24.08.2014

24.08.2014 at 12.37 an emergency call was received that the resident doesn’t react to door knocks and phone calls at the address 109 Isakov street, Artashat city, region Ararat. The help of rescuers is needed. The fire-fighting brigade left for the scene. Corpse of L.G.. (born in 1961) was found.

RTA on Yeghvard-Yerevan highway 16:54 / 19.08.2014

19.08.2014 at 17.45 information was received that a car accident had occurred on the 4 th km of Yeghvard-Yerevan highway. There is a casualty. The rescuers’ help is needed. A fire brigade left for the scene. It is turned out that “GAZ-24” with the license plate had run off roadway and turned over. Before the firefighters arrived at the scene the passenger had been hospitalized to “Armenia” Republican Medical Center. As to doctors the passenger was in serious...

Car accident in G. Njdeh street 14:00 / 18.08.2014

18.08.2014 at 15.00 an information was received that a car accident occurred near to the bridge in G. Njdeh street. The car “Mercedes” with local number 34 RM 307 collided with the car “Opel” hit the tree and the last fall down on the main road in order to remove there is need to help. A group of rescues went to the scene. The injuries were taken to the medical center “Erebuni”. The rescues cut and removed the tree from the road.