RTA on Yerevan-Meghri highway 01:17 / 25.07.2014

25.07.2014 at 02.03 the emergency call was received that RTA occurred near the village Yelpin, Vayots Dzor province. Auto car “Opel” crashed to mountain, there is a victim help of rescuers is needed. Fire brigade left for the scene. It turned out that near the 94 km of Yerevan Meghri of “M-2” interstate highway auto car “Opel” came out from the traffic part of the road and crashed to flank of mountain. As a result of RTA V.K. born in 1988 received various body...

Unknown person fell under the train 20:50 / 24.07.2014

24.07.2014 at 21.39 information was received that accident occurred near 2-3km of Yerevan causeway, Gyumri city. The citizen fell under the train and died at place. Fire brigade left for the scene. In undiscovered circumstances unknown person (approximately 25 years old) fell under the train. Firefighter-rescuers demarcate territory and provide illumination.

RA citizens were saved in Georgia 17:05 / 24.07.2014

24.07.2014 at 18.00 information received from the department of ES of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Georgia that at 16.19 near the sea shore of Ureki village water-rescuers brought out from water citizens of RA D.A. born in 1962 and S.H. born in 1994, S.H. received medical help but D.A. was hospitalized to medical center of Kobuleti. Doctors assessed the health situation of victim as satisfactory.  

Corpse was found 13:32 / 23.07.2014

23.07.2014 at 14.26 an emergency call was received that the resident didn’t react to door knocks and phone calls, 63 building, Komitas avenue. Fire brigade left for the scene. Firefighter-rescuers opened the door and found the woman corpse (about 80 years old).

Car accident on Saryan street 06:40 / 18.07.2014

18.07.2014 at 07.30 an emergency call was received that on Saryan street of Yerevan, near the 30th school a car accident occurred, help of rescuers is needed. One firefighting brigade was sent to the scene. It turned out that “Toyota Bruce” car with local numbers 32 LS 674 collided to “Neoplan” bus with local numbers 888 VU 81. Before the arrival of the rescuers the driver was hospitalized to “Heratsi” hospital complex N 1 where according to doctors his health state is of middle...

Car accident in Bolshoy Chirkley, RF 18:15 / 17.07.2014

17.08.2014 at 19.07 information was received from the MES of the Russian Federation that on the 785th km of M-5 federal highway in Bolshoy Chirkley, Ulyanovsk region a car accident occurred. “Iveco” truck and “Lexus” car collided in the consequence of which citizens of the Republic of Armenia Ani (born in 1991), Arsen (born in 1957), Hmayak (1989), Azat (1988) Tovmasyans and Azokik Avanesyan (born in 1959) died on spot, the casualties Hasmik ( 1996), Arsen (2011), Armen (2012) Tovmasyans...