The corpse of child was found 15:00 / 09.03.2014

09.03.2014 at 14.28 an information was received that the resident (Sh. Q. born in 2012) from one of the houses of 1st street, village Mayakovski, region Kotayq is lost. The help of rescuers is needed.  A firefighting brigade and special rescue group were sent to the place of scene. Fire-rescuers found a corpse of child in the river. {igallery id=5424|cid=669|pid=1|type=category|children=0|showmenu=0|tags=|limit=0}

Body found in a flat 19:42 / 08.03.2014

08.03.2014 at 19.36 an information was received that a resident of one of the apartments at Raffi str. 35 in Yerevan, neither answers phone calls nor opens the door. The rescuers’ help is needed. The operative groups of CMC and the group of special rescue squad left for scene. The rescuers opened the door of the apartment and found O. P.'s body (born in 1936) in the bedroom.

RTA in Yeghvard highway 18:49 / 07.03.2014

 07.03.2014 at 18.45 the signal was sent that RTA occurred in Yeghvard highway. There are victims. The help of rescuers is needed. The fire brigade left for the scene. It turned out that in“H-1” intercommunity highway of Zovuni-Yeghvard in part of (6km) “Nissan Tiana” with license plate 43 DM 444 got out from the traffic, collided to beton pillar and turned aside. Until the firefighter-rescuers received for the scene the driver D.E. born in 1988 and the passenger G.V. born in...

Cannon projectile without igniter was found 12:55 / 07.03.2014

07.03.2014 at 11.27 the information received that the pupils of the school after Avetis Baghdasaryan found projectile in nearest area of the school and replaced it to the classroom Hacik village, Armavir region. The operative group of regional management bureau left for the scene. It turned out that it was cannon projectile without igniter (approximately 15kg with 40sm of length). The firefighters actualized towing of teachers and pupils. {igallery...

The smoke was seen from the building 12:20 / 07.03.2014

07.03.2014 at 12.06 the signal was sent that there is flame of fire in the first floor of the 44/2 building Arshakunyac Avenue, Yerevan city. Two fire brigades and responding group of Crisis Management Center of Emergency Situations left for the scene. It turned out that in apartment outflow occurred from the 3kg gas balloon with flame of fire. The fire was extinguished in 12.26. The dweller of the apartment N.M. born in 1988 received scalds and was hospitalized to the Scientific...

Dead body was found 12:00 / 07.03.2014

07.03.2014 at 11.23 the signal was sent that one of the dwellers of 48/1 building not responding to the phone calls and door knocks Moldovakan Street, Yerevan city. The help of rescuers is needed. The fire brigade left for the scene. Firefighter-rescuers opened the door of apartment and found dead body of A.S. born in 1950.