Suicide 00:00 / 09.03.2015

The unknown citizen committed suicide

RTA in Kapan city 00:00 / 08.03.2015

RTA occurred in tunnel of Kapan city: the help of rescuers is needed

RTA in Vanadzor city 00:00 / 05.03.2015

RTA occurred near the military unit in Yerevan causeway of Vanadzor city, Lori province

RTA on Sebastia Street 00:00 / 05.03.2015

RTA occurred near Sebastia Street 22, Yerevan city

RTA on highway Spitak-Gyumry 00:00 / 04.03.2015

RTA occurred next to Lusaghbyur village on the road Spitak-Gyumry

RTA on n Yerevan-Sevan highway 00:00 / 01.03.2015

RTA had occurred on Yerevan-Sevan highway