RTA on Leningradian street 00:00 / 17.02.2015

RTA occurred on cross-road Leningradyan-Sebastia: the car is burning. Sedan car collided with a garbage car

RTA in Hrazdan gorge 00:00 / 17.02.2015

The car > collided with the wall: there is gas leak and the help of rescuers is needed

RTA in Kapan city 00:00 / 13.02.2015

RTA occurred next to the tunnel of Kapan city: there is a victim and the help of rescuers is needed

The wooden constructions burnt down 00:00 / 11.02.2015

A fire had burned out in the shoemaker’s workshop

RTA on Vardadzor-Dzoragyugh highway 00:00 / 11.02.2015

“Lexus” had run off roadway and rolled over. There were no casualties

The car fell into the river 00:00 / 10.02.2015

RTA occurred near the highway of Akhtala-Haghpat