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CMNC 911 launches a new psychological service

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger”.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Crisis or stressful situations are constant companions of a person's life. Any new problem that faces a person has two fundamental questions: “Why” and “How”. Austrian psychiatrist and psychologist Viktor Frankl said: “Those who have a “why” to live, can bear with almost any ”how”. Appearing in a difficult life situation, a person often is not able to find answers to these questions which may cause hopelessness, thoughts of a meaningless life and negative emotions as a result.

In the purpose of evincing appropriate psychological consultancy and emotional support in difficult situations, a new free round-the- clock psychological consultancy telephone service center was opened in the RA MES Staff RS CMNC’s “911” Central alarm service, since May 2014. It is mainly aimed to provide emotional support and psychological counseling to the population to cope with a disaster’s emotional challenges.

Based on confidentiality, anonymity, humanity, selflessness, tolerance, fundamental principles of human freedom, the service works in the following directions mainly:

  • Provide psychological and crisis assistance to the citizens, as well as the victims at the scene of the accident, who are trapped in the crisis, psychological stress, have dangerous and extreme manifestation behavior tendencies.
  • Provide psychological consultancy in case of personal, interpersonal psychological problems and conflicts.
  • Provide psychological support to alarming people of different age groups, depending on the specifics of the psychological stages of aging.
  • Psychological consultancy and support in case of fears, phobias, panic, obsessionс.
  • Provision of the necessary information on relevant oriented medical centers, according to the presented problems.

So, if you appear in a difficult life situation, have frustration, a sense of loneliness, negative thoughts or just feel the need for psychological counseling, call us and the Service psychologists respond you quickly at any hour of the day.

Keep in mind, that applying for help is not a weakness, but a manifestation of courage because it clearly indicates your courageous readiness to go ahead.

Hot line: 010 36 06 84