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Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Ministry of Economy

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Ministry of Defense

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Central Bank

Office of Public Prosecutor

Armenian Rescue Service

MTA Migration Service

State Committee on Water Supply

Public Service Regulatory Commission

State Commission on Protection of Economic Competition

Central Electoral Commission

Civil Servise counsil of the RA

Yerevan municipality                                                                                                         

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Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin

NKR President

NKR Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Office of Human Rights Defender

Civil Service Council

National Statistics Service

National Academy of Sciences

Old Manuscripts Depository after Mashtots

Armenian Genocide and Armenian Studies

The Republican Party of Armenia

Prosperous Armenia Party

Rule of Law Party

Armenian Revolutionary Federation

Heritage Party

“Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund

“Noravank” Scientific-Educational Foundation

Armenian Development Agency

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Regional Administration System of Armenia


Armenian Public TV

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Communities association of Armenia

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Association of Municipal Councillors of Armenia                                                          

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