The means from privatization for solution of the community related problems

00:00 / 29.02.2008

According to the RA Government Decision 1098-N (27 July, 2006), 30% of the means received from privatization of the property, which is under administrative jurisdiction of the communities (with the exception Yerevan) and state property (with the exception of lands), semi finished constructions, as well as means from privatization of the statutory capital of juridical persons, will be directed to the community budgets.

It is already more than a year that these financial means are being used in Armavir, Shirak, Tavush regions (marzes) and other marzes for reconstruction of roads, schools and apartment houses, construction of heating systems and other infrastructures, and this has received a positive appraisal of the public.

With the aim of effective application of financial means, different projects, approved by the RA Government, directed towards development of the marzes are being implemented. The estimates of the projects are worked out in the framework of the norms, established for capital construction, carried out at the expense of the means of the state budget.

The efficiency of any project, presented by the marzes, is discussed by the Ministry of Territorial Administration, and then it is presented to the discussion of the RA Government.

Division of Public Relations of the Ministry of Territorial Administration of the Republic of Armenia

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