Training Exercise on Air Attack Scenario

20:26 / 27.09.2016

On September 27, special tactical exercises on theme “Activities of formations during a sudden attack of enemy forces” was held by the RA MES Rescue Service Yerevan city Rescue Department Shengavit division, “Young Yerkrapah” Club of Shengavit district, youth sports complex of self-combating and sport games.

The main objectives of the training exercise were:

• to check the response forces’ readiness during air attack and improve practical skills,
• to improve cooperation between civil defense formations and rapid response forces in carrying out urgent restoration activities, as well as practical skills during rescue and firefighting operations.

A brigade from No. 2 FRD of Shengavit Division of the RA MES Rescue Service Yerevan city Rescue Department, a brigade of CD Medical Service, rescue units managing public order, first aid, fire- fighting of youth sports complex and groups of “Young Yerkrapah” Club managing rescue, public order and 11 imitators were involved in the training exercise.

According to the information, the air border of Armenia was crossed by enemy bombers and an air attack on Yerevan city was also possible. The air forces of the enemy “bombed” the administrative building of the sports complex, in the result of which, the main building, the adjacent buildings were damaged, there were hearths of fire, and collapses. There were “conditional” casualties and wounded.

The training exercise started with “Air alert” signal, after which the school staff and the athletes were evacuated from the building by the 2nd spare exit of the basement floor to the nearest square. Until the rescue forces formations’ arrival, YVU members conducted general exploration, fire fighting, rescue and first-aid operations.

As a result of the exploration it was found out, that “Bombing” had caused the blocking of 8 people in the collapsed building and 3people were “injured”. The firefighters and “Young Yerkrapah” rescue group opened the building’s collapsed entry and evacuated the wounded with the help of stretchers. The CD medical unit of the sports school provided first aid to injured, and then they were sent to specialized medical institutions.

The head of the training exercise, Head of Shengavit division of Yerevan city Rescue Department of the RA MES Rescue Service, r / s captain A. Gevorgyan noted:

- Such training exercises are aimed at raising the level of emergency preparedness of the society. This training exercise is notable for the participation of young volunteers, who were involved in firefighting operations today and performed all tasks set before them.

Following the training exercise activities, the Head of YVU “Shengavit” division G. Hovsepyan expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA for organizing the event and positively assessed the preparedness of young volunteers, and encouraged them to deepen their knowledge and skills in emergency preparedness.

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