Safer and More Secure Schools in Border Communities

13:12 / 27.12.2016

Recently, RA MES RS Population Protection and Organization of Disaster Consequences Elimination Department implemented an interesting project in 2 schools of border villages of Berdavan and Koghb of RA Tavush region within the framework of the small grants program of the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

In order to increase awareness and safety of children and employees of educational institutions, as well as to develop knowledge and skills for emergency situations, the school was equipped with fire fighting panels, first aid boxes, conventional signs for evacuation, stretchers and a loudspeakers.

In order to overcome the catastrophic situation with minimum losses and for rapid orientation, action plans and evacuation schemes for emergency and disaster risk reduction were also developed for the staff of educational institutions.

These plans reflect the internal and external dangers threatening schools, vulnerable elements, response measures, issues to ensure continuity of education, evacuation plans, procedures, based on a series of training sessions with different scenarios in case of a disaster or major emergencies.

Implementation of the project will be an incentive not only for the administration, teaching staff and students of the institution, but also for parents, the community management staff and stakeholders in the development of knowledge and capacity building in disaster risk reduction.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia carries out such program and educational process in a single principle: the basic formula to overcome the emergency is to be prepared to withstand them properly, thanks to which our schools will be more safe and secure. 

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