Quick calls for people with special needs through the "SOS" button

18:00 / 15.06.2017

The free “911” SOS application for smart phones running “Android” and “IOS” is the best way for people with special needs to call “911” in difficult situations.

The system is especially useful for people having mobility problems, and for citizens who have lost the ability to see, speak or hear, they can make a call by simply pressing the "SOS" button in the application, after which the alarm will be recorded in the corresponding service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The Application:

- Includes the possibility of establishing feedback, which allows the “911” operator to obtain more accurate and voluminous information about the incident in order to organize an appropriate response to the current situation.

- Provides the possibility of targeted information, thanks to which all registered subscribers can simultaneously receive information about the incident recorded in the given zone and the necessary rules of conduct and actions.

- Provides information embedded domains, where you can insert, for example, descriptions of the health of the subscriber: the characteristics of the disease, banned and currently used medicines, etc.

"911 SOS" application

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