Country’s Scientific Potential is United in Disaster Risk Reduction Activities

16:34 / 07.02.2018

A Memorandum of Understanding on “Scientific-Technical Cooperation and Training of Young Specialists” was signed between RA MES Seismic Protection Survey, the Armenian Association for Seismology and Physics of Earth and the Institute of Geological Sciences of the RA National Academy of Sciences on February 7 at the RA ES Ministry. The ceremony was attended by RA ES Minister Davit Tonoyan.

On behalf of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, the memorandum was signed by “Seismic Protection Territorial Survey” acting director S. Margaryan, on behalf of the Armenian Association for Seismology and Physics of Earth - Avetis Arakelyan and on behalf of the Institute of Geological Sciences - Khachatur Meliksetyan.

Taking into consideration that natural and man-made disasters in Armenia are constituent part of life, and stressing that the cost of disaster impacts on the country's economy is often higher than the cost of their prevention or reduction, the parties hereby agree to cooperate in the format of scientific and technical work, training young specialists implementing scientific-practical projects and exchanging scientific and technical knowledge.

The Parties also undertake an obligation to set up and constantly update data bases related to risk assessment and risk reduction, to upgrade monitoring networks, to exchange the necessary data in operative mode in case of disasters, to pay particular attention to the development of disaster risk assessment methodology, etc.

Greeting the attendees and the initiatives of the sides, ES Minister Davit Tonoyan underlined the importance of consolidating the country's potential in this area, in particular emphasizing the role of scientific and technical, scientific-research, scientific and educational and practical work as well. As a brilliant example of the consolidation and co-operation of forces, Davit Tonoyan mentioned the joint activities carried out recently in the activated landslide zone in Tumanyan community of Lori Marz.

- I attach great importance to this initiative, and it is remarkable that in all paragraphs of the memorandum the word “joint” is mentioned. I think that our scientific potential in complete allows us to combine our efforts for disaster risk assessment and reduction in Armenia.

The Minister also highlighted the support of international organizations in this issue, both for experience exchange and from the viewpoint of financing different programs.

In the course of the meeting, risk assessment activities in the most dangerous landslide zones in Armenia, proposals submitted thereon and priority actions to be taken were discussed as well.

The organizational issues of the conference to be convened on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Spitak were as well among the issues on agenda.

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