Visit to Gyumri and Spitak

18:13 / 13.05.2019

The expert group of the Japan International Cooperation Agency together with the workers of the rescue service of Spitak and the Seismic Protection Service System of Gyumri visited Spitak and Gyumri towns on May 11.

The aim of the meeting was to implement local survey with the special guest Kazuyuki Nakagawa, JiJi Press, and get acquainted with the situation after Spitak earthquake of 1988.

They met Serob Gabrielyan, Head of the Rescue Department of Lori province and a citizen of Spitak town, who worked as a director of a school during the earthquake. During the question and answer, it  was cleared out the degree of the destruction and the damage caused by the earthquake of 1988.

In Gyumri the representative of the seismic service introduced the guests with the ongoing activities. They went those places and locations, where the buildings damaged by the earthquake still remained. They visited the church restored after the earthquake and other historical-cultural sights.

In April 2012 the monument to the victims of the Great Earthquake of the Eastern Japan was built next to the monument after the memory of the victims of Spitak earthquake by the initiative of the staff (who visited Japan through JICA program) of Spitak division of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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