Feliks Tsolakyan: sustainable development requires a daily consistent work

17:58 / 15.05.2019

“Sustainable development requires a daily consistent work aimed at capacity development”,- pointed out in his speech Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of Emergency Situations of RA during the high-level dialogue in the framework of "Disaster Risk Reduction Global Platform 2019" in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Minister recorded that it was a great honor to represent Armenia at such a high-level dialogue in the framework of an excellent organized global platform.

“There are many risks of natural disasters in Armenia, but the most significant ones are earthquakes. We were honored to adopt the UN DRR 2nd regional platform for Central Asia and Southern Caucasus last year, when the Armenian people marked the 30th anniversary of Spitak devastating earthquake. The Yerevan Declaration, adopted in the framework of the platform, highlighted the importance of risk classification, dissemination and application of assessment and modeling best practices, public awareness”,- noted Feliks Tsolakyan.

In his speech, Minister Tsolakyan touched upon the achievements of Armenia in the field of disaster risk reduction.

The Minister stressed the importance of the necessity of full involvement of the actors in the field of disaster risk management, which could be the basis for changes in DRR legislation, conscious participation of all departments, public and non-governmental organizations, communities and individuals aimed at implementation of DRR national strategy.
Regarding the achievements of Armenia in this field, the Minister maintained that Armenia joined the Hyogo Framework for Action in 2005, and then the international organizations began to support our country in building a disaster risk reduction capacity.
“The solution to this problem was the creation of a national disaster risk reduction platform which became the most important partner for MES and the Government of RA. In 2017, the Government of RA adopted a national disaster risk management strategy and its actions implementation plan.
Supported by the National Platform and international partners, we developed a new draft law on DRR and civil defense, which regulates the rights and obligations of risk reduction, disaster response and implementation of reconstruction activities”,- noted Feliks Tsolakyan.
Concluding his remarks the Minister emphasized that sustainable development required daily consistent work aimed at capacity development.

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